Smooth Appeal Original Facial Wax


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Smooth Appeal Original Facial Wax is designed for waxing all areas of the face including upper lip, chin and brow to remove hair.
This gentle, warm wax system is the tried and tested way to remove unwanted hair quickly, safely and efficiently. Smooth Appeal warm wax is effective on all types of hair, even strong hair. One of the longest lasting methods of hair removal giving effective results that last up to 6 weeks with new hair growth appearing finer than before.

Original formula Facial Hair Remover is made from the finest natural waxes soothing Aloe Vera and calming Tea Tree. After waxing, the skin is left feeling soft and silky. Each 40g pot contains sufficient wax for up to 10 treatments.



Colophonium, Cera Microcristillina, Glycol Rosinate,Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate, Triethylene Glycol Rosinate, Parrafin, Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Aloe Barbadensis


How To Use:

Protect clothes and the area in which you are working in case of spillage

Remove contents from packaging. Release the Aluminium handle outwards. DO NOT remove the handle from the container.

On your first application, remove one tablet from the container so that one tablet remains. It is not advisable to heat more than one tablet at a time.

Heat carefully using one of the two methods shown below

GAS - Turn on the gas to the LOWEST setting. Place the container exactly in the centre of the smallest gas ring support. The flames must remain directly in the centre of the container and must not creep around the side of the tin. Heat for 2 - 4 minutes.

ELECTRIC or CERAMIC HOB surfaces - Position the container on the edge of the hob so the tin is on the heat source but the handle is not directly above the heat source. This will reduce the heat conducted into the handle and make handling the container easier. Heat for 2 - 6 minutes at the LOWEST temperature.

Test the wax for temperature on the back of the hand using the spatula to apply the wax. When ready to use, the wax should be COMFORTABLY hot on the skin. It should not drip when applied to the hand but remain fairly viscous.

Using the spatula, lightly apply the first coating of wax in the direction of hair growth, from root to tip.

After a few seconds apply another coating of wax in the opposite direction.

Immediately apply a third and final coat over both layers in the same direction as the first coat, root to tip.

Allow the wax to set slightly and press firmly against the skin, DO NOT let the wax harden.

While the wax is pliable, hold the surrounding skin taut with one hand and quickly pull back the wax against the direction of the hair growth. The quicker this action is done the less discomfort.