MacuShield - Eye Health Support Food Supplement 90 Capsules - 3 Packs

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  • Multi-Pack
  • (3 PACK) - Macushield Macushield Capsules | 90s | 3 PACK -
  • Fantastic quality product from a great brand
  • Enhance visual performance and support eye health
  • A vegetarian macular pigment food supplement
  • Uniquely contains all 3 macular pigments: Meso-Zeaxanthin, Zeaxanthin and Lutein
  • Prevents damage to the cells of the eye


One-a-day preferably with meals.

Vege Macushield - Eye Supplement suitable for vegetarians. Vege Macushield eye supplements are made with vegetarian friendly, edible compounds as an alternative to their regular Macushield and Macushield Gold packs. Vege Macushield vitamins are newly released and contain the same important ingredients as the original Macushield.