Luvbiotics Whitening Complete Oralcare Gift Set

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Our 3 in 1 gift set is the ideal gift for both men and women, for a happy and healthier self. Inside each box, you will find our consumer favourites: the whitening toothpaste, the original lozenges and our best-selling mouthwash all wrapped up in a luxury gift box.

The Luvbiotics 500ml Original mouthwash leaves a fresh, minty feel and effectively cleanses the mouth gently to balance oral flora for a happier mouth! We use breakthrough Bionet technology, which is powered by probiotics to help establish the right bacterial balance for your mouth. Xylitol (natural sweetener) is also used on top of the use of natural ingredients. Our best-selling mouthwash is free from alcohol, SLS, parabens, artificial colours and preservatives and kinder to your mouth. It also contains Sodium Fluoride to help your teeth fight against decay and future cavities.

Our whitening toothpaste is the perfect fit for the smiley, festive season for a brighter, whiter smile. Like our mouthwash, it uses bionet technology, powered by probiotics and xylitol with natural ingredients. The whitening toothpaste is key for maintaining Oral health and whiter teeth with probiotics for a happier healthier mouth. Free from SLS, parabens, artificial colours and preservatives, our toothpaste is highly effective for fantastic oral hygiene. Similarly, to our mouthwash, it contains Sodium Fluoride to battle against tooth decay & reduces plaque.

Finally, the Luvbiotics Lozenges is the final step to ‘Brush, cleanse and maintain’ for a happier and healthier mouth. Our Lozenges are handy for on the go mouth care to provide fresh breath and maintain the balance of oral flora. With a fresh, minty taste, our lozenges dissolve to provide the benefits of probiotics, Xylitol and aloe vera for a gratified mouth.  With benefits such as healthier gums, a fresher breath and restoring balance of oral flora, our Lozenges are handy for a quick freshening up whenever needed, especially when brushing is not possible.

*Mouthwash and toothpaste suitable for Vegans

*Lozenges suitable for Vegetarians