House of Monara - Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin and Body Moisturiser 200ml


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House of Monara coconut oil is a versatile beauty aid as a make-up remover, moisturiser, exfoliator, hair mask, cleanser and great for oil pulling for whiter teeth. 

Coconut oil, best for beauty.

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser from top to toe and has been tried and tested by generations.  The unique combination natural fats create a barrier to hydrate skin and hair through helping us hold onto our own moisture and they also contain many vitamins which help nourish your scalp, hair and body. 

For hair: It can be used both before and after you wash your hair to help prevent damage and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.  Coconut oil can help:

- deep condition

- add shine

- tame frizz

- minimize dandruff

For skin: As a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory product, coconut oil makes an excellent moisturiser for skin.  It also helps fight the signs of skin ageing.  Coconut oil can be used as follows:

  • As a face wash
  • As a face mask
  • Make up remover, especially good for the eye area
  • Lip balm/gloss/scrub to moisturise dry lips
  • Deep conditioning eye cream
  • Highlighter for cheeks

For body: coconut oil can help treat and prevent dryness and also soothe some skin conditions and irritations.  Great uses for body are:

  • Deep moisturiser
  • Hand and cuticle moisturizer
  • For feet can be used to help soothe and treat fungal infections
  • Help soothe eczema through locking in moisture