Gley De Brech - Gel Lifting, Facial firming, 50ml


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Tensor gel for relaxed and flaccid skin types.


VEGETABLE PROTEIN. Similar to the protein that supports the dermis, it provides  moisture and elasticity to the skin.

HYALURONIC ACID. Essential element to keep skin structure naturally moisturised.  WITCH-HAZEL EXTRACT. Astringent and cicatrizant. Also used for diseases of the  veins.



Apply in the morning and at night, performing a massage on face, neck and chest.  Following absorption of the product, application of BIOLIFTING cream is advised,  to enhance the tensor effect. Use in the morning and at night.


Gel with great tensor and moisturising action, with high reinforcing capacity, that  compensates for the degeneration to which face, neck and chest are subjected daily.  After application, it restores cohesion and firmness to the epidermis.