Gley de Brech - Filling, Wrinkle Filling for mature skin types, 50ml


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Wrinkle Filling, mature Skin Types


  • KERATOLYTIC ENZYME. Protease obtained from Bacillus fermentation with a keratolytic effect on the corneal stratum.
  • SACCHAROMYCES FERMENT. It is a fungus with the power to prevent destruction of structural proteins.
  • AMINO ACID COMPLEX: Stimulates fibroblast mobility, improving skin firmness and tone.
  • CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT. Great cicatrizant power via stimulation of cellular mitosis and favouring collagen synthesis at the connective tissue level.
  • JOJOBA OIL. Acts as an antioxidant against ageing of the skin.
  • COLLAGEN. Plays an important role in keeping skin smooth and firm, as it is the essential component of body proteins.
  • HYALURONIC ACID. Essential element to keep skin structure naturally moisturised.

Mature skin with wrinkles, expression lines and cutaneous folds.

Apply at night on face, neck and chest, via massage, until complete absorption, with emphasis on nasogenian folds, upper lip wrinkles, and folds in the corners of
the mouth.

Fills and smooths wrinkles, expression lines and cutaneous folds. It also provides the superficial layers of the skin with intense moisturisation. Improves quality and
look of photo-aged skin, restoring its firmness and brightness.

Dimensions: 8cmx7cmx18cm