Gley de Brech - Calmante, Cell Repairing Gel Cream - 50ml


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Cell Repairing Agent Dry and Dehydrated skin


  • MUSK ROSE OIL: Its high content in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids gives it the ability to regenerate the skin, even eliminating small wrinkles.
  • CALENDULA OIL: Especially suited for treatment of skin inflammation, dryness and irritation.
  • ALOE VERA: Significant cellular regenerator, cicatrizant, tonifier, high penetration in the skin.
  • UREA: NMF component, deep moisturisation.
  • BISABOLOL: Has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cicatrizant and antiseptic effect.


Suited for taking care of skin with obvious sensitivity problems, caused by stress, internal factors and environmental factors. Its hydrolipidic content fortifies skin's natural emulsion to make it more resilient to the environment. It improves the areas that have a tendency to dehydrate and are prone to wrinkles. Due to its repairing action, it is advised to use it after any medical-aesthetic treatment where skin has been damaged, or on any area with irritation, descaling, reddening and sunburn problems.


Apply at night on face, neck and chest.


Excellent cream that can decongest, soothe and relieve skin, whilst providing sensitive skin with what it needs most: protection against the effects of environmental agents


Dimension: 8cmx7cmx18cm