Crown Sport Nutrition - Pure Whey Protein+ Concentrate - Chocolate Flavour- 871g


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Product Description

Whey protein + is pure whey protein concentrate (WPC) obtained by ultra-micro filtration through membranes, this protein is characterized by its high solubility even at acidic pH (stomach), so it is digested quickly (Wilson J. Et al., jissn. 2006) and without giving digestive problems, quickly providing amino acids in the blood (hyperaminoacidemia) so that they can be used by muscle cells in their recovery processes, both post-training and throughout the workout. Day. In addition, and most importantly, we have enhanced its formula by adding the branched amino acid leucine in sufficient quantity to ensure we reach at least the 3 g/ dose recommended by science to activate the motor pathway that induces protein synthesis and thus optimises the muscle recovery processes (Jäger R. Et al., jissn. 2017). We have also added l-glutamine, because this amino acid, among other functions, seems to improve the functioning of the immune system because it serves as fuel, mainly to macrophages and lymphocytes. Coupled with this, the whey protein supplementation itself can also benefit the immune system since amino acids are signaling agents, which, among others, regulate the function of lymphocytes. The amount reached per intake is 5.9 g, between which we have added and the precursors that whey protein contains. As it is obtained by ultra-micro filtration through membranes, the protein does not suffer any deterioration or loss of essential amino acids, such as, for example, Lysine, which is the most sensitive amino acid to thermal processes, using its concentration as a reference for quality of this type of protein. And like all Crown Sport Nutrition products with spectacular taste, solubility and digestibility.


(79,4%) Milk Proteins (Whey Protein Concentrate), Defatted Cocoa Powder, (5,9%) L-Glutamine, (2,5%) L-Leucine, Flavouring, Sweetener: Sucralose. Contains lactose. May contain traces of soy.