Have a Good Hair Day Every Day

Haircare has become a massive trend with people paying more attention to their hair health and sharing remedies and tricks on social media on how to look after your hair. Furthermore, using hair products that are vegan and organic has also gained popularity over the past couple of years due to the rise in awareness of the environment.
When designing our product, we wanted it to be a versatile aid that can benefit many when it comes to looking after their appearance. Our beauty coconut oil comes with many uses. One of their uses is for the product to act as a hair mask. The oil contains natural ingredients and nutrients that are key to helping retain moisture in your hair as well as revitalising the overall appearance. Plus, you have that added benefit that a delicious coconut fragrance to your hair.
Our oil can also stimulate hair growth! To get a bit more technical, coconut oil is predominantly made up of a medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid. This gives coconut oil a long, straight structure, which is more easily absorbed deep into the hair shaft. Therefore, when massaged into your scalp, the oil stimulates growth directly into the hair shafts.
One of my favourite things about this oil is that it is for ALL hair types! It is proven that those with extremely dry and/or curly hair will most benefit from using coconut oil, however, there are no requirements for using this product. I guess the only requirement is that you love your hair!

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