Crown Sport Nutrition - Vegan Protein+ - Chocolate Flavour- 750 g


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Product Description

Micronized pea protein with a plus of essential amino acids 25 g of protein per serving (vanilla) very low in carbohydrates and no sugars 2, 320 mg of Leucine per serving (vanilla) micronized product = immediate solubility no Gritty texture and delicious flavour gluten free and allergen free vegan protein + is pure micronized pea protein, so its texture is unique, being very fine and not at all Gritty. It is a unique product in the vegetable protein market due to its incredible texture and flavour, so much so that when you take it you don't believe that you are taking a vegetable protein. In addition, we have countered the deficiencies that we find with the sources of protein of vegetable origin (limiting amino acids) by adding some essential amino acids (aaes) such as Lysine, Methionine, Threonine and including the branched amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine in sufficient quantities to achieve a complete aminogram and, therefore, increasing the biological value of the product to equal it to protein sources of animal origin, such as milk proteins (whey and/ or casein). and it is that it has been shown that the content of essential amino acids (aaes) of a protein modulates the increase in the rate of muscle protein synthesis, so that when there is a low amount of aaes, specifically leucine, Lysine and methionine, it is produced a lower anabolic response (Stefan, HM et al., AA. 2018) hence we have fortified the formula with the most important essential amino acids. The vegetable protein that was believed to be a whey protein. Being a fortified and micronized pea protein, It has greater solubility than other vegetable proteins, so it is digested quickly, so much so that it is almost comparable to whey protein (overduin, J. Et al., F & amp; number 2015) and, thanks to this, it has been scientifically proven that it is better compared to placebo and just as effective as whey protein for muscle adaptations and/ or gains (babault, n. Et al., jissn. 2015), recovery processes, etc. And it is that not only the composition of essential amino acids (aces) is responsible for modulating protein synthesis, but also the kinetics of digestion (digestibility) is very important, so much so that some vegetable proteins with a lower proportion of aaes but with higher digestion kinetics, they activate muscle protein synthesis more than other slower animal proteins, although with higher aaes proportions (jagüer, R. Et al., jissn. 2.017). for all this, vegan protein + is a perfect alternative to animal protein supplements, whether you are vegan or not and simply want to have another source of high-quality, allergen-free protein. And like all Crown Sport Nutrition products, and in this case even more so, with a spectacular flavour, texture and digestibility.


(84%) Micronized pea protein, defatted cocoa powder, L-leucine, flavorings, L-isoleucine, L-lysine HCl, L-methionine, L-threonine, L-valine and sweetener: sucralose.